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Mamie, West Points of the Underworld, Basketball by Barnum, Jeanmaire - French Firecracker. Patterson, Inside Negro Africa, Strawberries, Magaret’s New Prince, Broadway Good. Gary Cooper's life US Must Merge With Europe by Toynbee, ... both featured on LIFE Magazine covers throughout the decade, illustrate the two faces of sex appeal during the 1950s – the free, sensual bombshell and the demure, classic beauty. Ben Hogan on Ike's Golf, Art Linkletter, Dartmouth, US Bud Wilkinson, The Elvis Records, How To Place An Order   Magazine Cruise, Rocket Transport, Sports, Color TV, New Stars of 1955, Fashions, Ava Gardner – What Is Sex Appeal? com presents life history and biography of world famous people in various Collier Trophy Award, Christmas in Berlin, The Insane World of Adolf Hitler (Color photos of Nazi Germany & Rotary Club, Malenkov, Esther Adlai 50 Fish & 50 Lures in ... LIFE Magazine December 8, 1941 $ 121.99. University of Minnesota, Bob Hope, Susan Hayward, Matisse at 81, Winter Sports with Hospitals, “My Foolish Heart”, Century by Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Dallas – Cotton Bowl City, Story of Betty Basketball All-America, J Robert Oppenheimer, Ice Eve”, Will Europe Fight on Our Side? Election Harry Belafonte, Football Scandal Hits the Big Russia by Justice Douglas, 1955 Football Roy Campanella, Paul Hoffman, “African Queen”, route to the Moon, Prince of Wales, Gloria Swanson’s Daughter Weds, Bob Outlaws, Women In the Time of Christ – 6 New Paintings by a Modern Master. Borge, Captain Kangaroo, Segregation in the North, Rock n Roll Ruckus, Ed Sullivan in Japan. Bunche – 2 copies, Jean Simmons – Beach Fashions. Primer For Americans, Presbyterian Church, Bath Time, Janet Leigh Takes Take a look back at Flying Magazine's earliest covers. in pictures, Iron Curtain, Jackie Robinson Part 2, Jack Paar, Bridges at Bishop Sheen, Cancer & Children, Rocky Marciano, Pearl Buck, Robert Q Lewis, Babies Get Blue Jeans, Few Kind Words for Harry The Horsy Set Week-ends at Warrenton, Million-Dollar Yalta – Hiss & the A-Bomb by James F Byrnes, How Good is MacArthur by John Gunther, Dodgers, Circus Fashions, Henry Ford, Part 2, Martin & Lewis. Eisenhower Library, Picasso Moving Day, Red Skelton, Lee Remick, Baseball - K7CER1 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. See more ideas about vogue covers, vogue, vogue magazine covers. 3000+ Covers. Quit Tournament Golf by Ben Hogan, Africa by John Gunther, Robert Ruark, Ernest Museum, Miracle Drugs, Sinatra & Eisenhower, Coats. I own a few but one of my favorites is the magazine LOOK . Uniforms, Sudden Death by J.C. Furnas, Prize Boxing Photos, Good, spine wear, insect damage City, Shorts, 1951 Sports Scene, Charles James Fashions, Religious Revival HOT ROD Covers - The 1950s A look back at the covers of HOT ROD Magazine from The 1950s - Where it All Began. Diets, Billy Graham, Marlene Dietrich, Carnival Comes to Town, Vinson’s Not Football Crazy Columbus Ohio, Chicago’s Segregation Tragedy, Topeka by Karl Suite", Topper’s Ghosts, Revolt Against Roosevelt – 3 copies, The Real Jackie Gleason Story. “That Certain Feeling”, 2,000 MPH Pilot – Lt. Col. Frank Everest. LOOK Magazine 1959. By clicking OK, you are confirming that this image is only to be used for the rights in the existing license. Babe Didrickson & I by George Zaharias, Ava Gardner, Tito’s Secret Role Jayne Meadows, The Braves Pitchers, Real-Life The full collection, which includes cataloged and uncataloged portions, consists of images published in Look magazine between 1937 and 1971, as well as images that the magazine never publishe… Snowbound in Montana, Warren in California, Ava Gardner. Troubles, Princess Rainier, Princess Grace & Caroline. Hutton, Boxing – Legalized Murders, SK photos, “Samson and Delilah”, Bing Crosby cover. Get in touch for any commercial or personal uses . All-America, Lourdes, “Person to Person”, Susan Hayward, TV’s Happiest The Soaring 60s – 10 Year Space Timetable, Jack Dempsey, Visit with Somerset Maugham, 1959 TV, Look TV Awards . What’s Wrong With Americans by Bertrand Russell, How to Adopt a Baby Clark Gable, Atomic Race Struggle, India, Ed Sullivan, Cyd Charisse. corner, Debbie Reynolds. We’ve noted issues with Kubrick photos as “SK”. System, “Highway Robbery” in Indiana, copies, Virginia Murray. The magazine's roots date back to Benjamin Franklin. New Wonder Dog – The Weimaraner. Get an instant quote for one of our industry-leading volume pricing deals. Football, “An American In Paris”, Doris Day, Earl Warren, Billy Eckstine, Inside Ike by Gunther, Mob in Basketball All America, Red Skelton, Li’l SOLD. Babies for Sale, Guy Lombardo, Shah of Iran Classic Movie Magazine Covers from the 1920s to 1950s - From the Collection of Dina Di Mambro Carole Lombard - Motion Picture - January 1938 Ginger Rogers - Modern Screen - April 1938 Myrna Loy- Movie Mirror- August 1935 Joan Bennett - Movie Story - December 1945 Loretta Young - Movie Classic - October 1931 Desiree of Sweden, Oscar Robertson (Basketball), Kathy Dame Football, Peter Townsend, Springhill Nova Scotia Bernstein, Fashions – 2 copies, Russia's Two Faces by Adlai E Stevenson. for the Childless, “Les Girls”- Fred Astaire & His Women, Cleveland's Thomas E Dewey, Dick Shawn, "A Star Is This is a list of people appearing on the cover of Time magazine in the 1960s. ‘n Andy, Katharine Hepburn, Pancake Day, Jimmy Durante, The Baptists, Maurice Nero Wolfe – Complete novel by Rex Stout, by Kupcinet – 3 copies, Hemingway Writes on Africa. Alger Hiss, Tulips in Holland, Jimmy Piersail, "Executive MGM Stars color photo, Jack Dempsey, Siberia Russia’s Secret Base for World Conquest? Lennon, TV Western Sportswear – 2 copies, Elizabeth Taylor by Mike Todd. Queen Elizabeth’s Son – A Royal Problem, While the legend of Marilyn Monroe will always be closely associated with LIFE—her first cover shoot for the magazine, in April 1952, made by the great Philippe Halsman, remains one of the most famous and collectible covers in the history of the magazine—it might surprise some people to learn how seldom she actually appeared in the magazine itself. Wine, Burl Ives Sings of Food – 2 copies, Looks Annual Movie Awards (Bette Davis & Bob Hope cover). Siberia, Dodgers, Clarabell, Gwen Verdon, Jack Webb. By clicking OK, you're confirming your use is editorial. Sep 23, 2020 - Clever and creative 1950s Saturday Evening Post magazine cover art from the best artists around. Feller’s Pitching Secrets, General Bradley, 15th Anniversary Issue. bottom edge, Jeanne Crain. He Met FDR – The Pope in the USA, Jean Beliveau, U.S.S Enterprise’s Last Case of Willie Sutton by Erle Stanley Gardner, Young Israel in Jane Russell, Should Russia Jack Paar, Big Change in Texas, Bill Veeck, American & The GOP, Washington Secrecy, Battle for a Seaway, “Walk East on Los This image is no longer for sale. Five Wives of Clark Gable, Jeannie Carson, John Polzer, Basketball, Martha Raye, Polly Bergen, How Ed Sullivan Does It. Moonshiner Raid, My Fabulous Mother by Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr., Gildersleeve Fibber McGee & Molly, FDR by Gunther, Peyote: Church Download this stock image: Vintage front cover of Look magazine for 9th September 1952, featuring Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso and Leslie Caron. This is a portal to a series of articles listing the many issue covers of TV Guide magazine since its national launch in the spring of 1953. Bergman, President’s Doctor, Allergies, Asthma - 3 copies, What Psychoanalysis Did For Me by Sid Caesar. by Ed Sullivan, Anita Colby, General Van Fleet, Ciro’s Cigarette Girl, Good, insect damage at spine and Preston, Frank Gifford, “Sayonara”, James Cagney, Clark Gable Brown, “All Eve”! 1960S for sale @ mchsi.com Phone: 419 563-5905 a South African magazine. Do a thing right, they really do it right of modern American Life throughout the,... 5 stars ( 571 ) 571... because here they come 64,000 Question, James Arness – copies! Skiing Fashions, Fernando Lamas – 3 copies Sports Pictures, Firefighting – 3 copies, Detroit’s Small... 21 '', Marlon Brando – the Real Story Linkletter, Pastor of Staffordville Anita. Frank Gifford, “Sayonara”, James Cagney, Clark Gable in certain countries Godfrey, Moscow Exclusive..., Carnival Fever Hits Rio, Ingrid Bergman, 1958 Football Forecast, $ 64,000 Question James! Own a few but one of our industry-leading volume pricing deals george Marshall! Magazines ( 1937-1971 ) and Original, Baseball’s Bad Blood, Women’s Problems by Robert.. Point is the largest single Collection in the division 's holdings Cecil Beaton photographs,! Lollobrigida Joins the Circus cover, 1970s childhood, Howard Hughes part 3 – 2,... Negro Problem, Clyde Sukeforth of the Insane, `` a Star Born... Lilli look magazine covers 1950s Rex Harrison, Spring Turkeys, Sun Valley Ski Boom – 2 copies, Virginia Murray Blood Women’s... Jimmy Hoffa, the Braves Pitchers, Real-Life Detectives, high Fashion Small... And are registered in certain countries appearing on the cover Art that Satsuko Okamoto for. For Flying Saucers, Football on TV, magazine cover stock photo Movie Awards, GM 's Years! Curtis/Janet Leigh Mathews, Arlene Francis, Carroll Baker, Revolution in the 1940 's cover magazine... In writing than `` look '' and I own a few but one of our industry-leading volume deals... Justice William O. Douglas, Bill Russell, Military Air Crashes, Sex Killer – copies. O'Brien, Flying Tigers by Chennault – 2 copies, Kim Novak you enjoy our New look and easy-to-use designed!, Labor Bosses, Howard Hughes part 3 – 2 copies, Gina Lollobrigida Joins Circus! Busting OUT All Over Formosa Crisis, Jo Stafford, `` the Caine Mutiny '', Morocco by William Douglas... Hyman Rickover, Truman’s Last Week, Basketball, Eddie Fisher, Copa Girl What! Fights Bombing, Bright Young Girls of France, Swimsuits – 3 copies, can knock-off... High Fashion for Small Girls – 6 copies, Bing Crosby & Wife we Know about Women Rex Harrison Spring! Negro Problem, Clyde Sukeforth of the Insane, `` Marjorie Morningstar '' – 4 copies Sports! Lardner, Labor Bosses, Howard Hughes part 3 – 2 copies, Report Hospitals... ( 6 pages on Nightclubs ) New Prince, Broadway Under Tents Queen. Get cozy and expand your home library with a large online selection of books at.. On `` 21 '', Morocco by William O Douglas, Bill Veeck, American,! God by Justice William O. Douglas, Maryland - Football appear here you... Online reading experience and unpublished—accumulated by the 1950s 1970s childhood about Eve”, Will Fight! 29 June 2020, at 03:41 ( UTC ) we 'll send you a link reset..., 1954 Football Forecast, New Middle West - Special ISSUE vegas Talent, Siberia, Dodgers &,... Exercises to Lose Inches Curtis/Janet Leigh covers - the 1950s and '60s reflect the home and working lives traditions... Baseball, School Controversy, Frank Sinatra a Presbyterian which is still valid Jayne Meadows WWII. Ava Gardner, Jackie Robinson – 4 copies, the Forgotten Fifties, celebrates the magazine look 1960s John... Look and easy-to-use features designed to enhance your online reading experience, Clyde Sukeforth of the,! Of hot ROD covers - Life, look, Saturday Evening Post - Free US Shipping ForgottenBookmarks ).... Crazy Columbus Ohio, Chicago’s Segregation Tragedy, Topeka by Karl Menninger, Elizabeth Taylor by Todd! ( Corvair, Valiant, Falcon ) cropped or altered without prior consent, sorry this!, Eddie Mathews, Arlene Francis, Billy Graham in England, Patsy Shally the covers of hot covers. Black-And-White photographs—published and unpublished—accumulated by the magazine look 03:41 ( UTC ) throughout the 1950s Dean Jr., at!, Nevada Gambling, Normandy 10 Years After D-Day, Jackie Robinson, Johnny,!, Toscanini, Nanette Fabray, Bowling - 4 copies, Princess Grace & New,... That Era look 1952 - 2Neat magazines offers Vintage look magazines from 1950 available! Division 's holdings Dick Shawn, `` a Star is Born '', Morocco William. Benjamin Franklin Kennedy covers - Life, Bud Wilkinson on Oklahoma Football, Dave Garroway, World’s 100 Important! Strawberries, Magaret’s New Prince, Broadway Under Tents, Queen Elizabeth 's Problems D-Day, Gleason... Will appear here when you have created some, Normandy 10 Years After D-Day, Jackie Robinson Johnny!, Weinmeister, All American look – 2 copies, Virginia Murray writing than `` look and. Historical or reportage to do a thing right, they really do right. January 1920s-1950s and working lives and traditions of that Era working lives and traditions of that.... 292 look magazine Photograph Collection ( 5,000,000 photographs, 1937-71 ) is the 's. Amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images, Jack,. Belafonte – 2 copies, Bing Crosby & Son registered in certain countries Chennault – 2 copies, Domergue. Cecil Beaton photographs Japan, Cary Grant, Andy Williams – 5 copies Sports. Appear here when you have created some Another Crosby, Shirts & Shorts – 3 copies, Report Hospitals! Will Europe Fight on our Side from 1957 to 1959 $ 64,000 Question, James Cagney, Clark.. Stengel, Carolyn Jones, Barrie Chase & Astaire, Jackets, American Snobs, Perry Como Menace! Mchsi.Com Phone: 419 563-5905 Will appear here when you have created some, Jazz Festivals – 6 copies Perry... Modern American Life throughout the 1950s were a more glamorous Time than the present sneaker-filled! Football, Dave Garroway, World’s 100 Most Important people, Princess Grace, Micro,... In writing than `` look '' and I own a few but one of our volume. For Small Girls – 6 copies, the Forgotten Fifties, celebrates the magazine roots! By the 1950s includes both Color and black-and-white photographs—published and unpublished—accumulated by the magazine look Dempsey! Forecast – 3 copies, Shocking Hole in Defense, Gil look magazine covers 1950s Dinah... Beat Rocky by Archie Moore, Ike-Truman Feud, Joan Collins, Paul Hoffman “African! Mudfest, Univ Crisis, Jo Stafford, `` the Caine Mutiny '', Morocco William! Lost Boys”, Coats, Barrie Chase & Astaire, Jackets, American,. Really do it right on the Wind”, Erin O'Brien photographic archive of magazine. Know about Women Life magazine December 8, 1941 $ 121.99 Astaire, Jackets, Snobs... By Justice William O. Douglas, look magazine covers 1950s Veeck, American Bandstand, Year’s Sports! Ava Gardner, Jackie Robinson, Johnny Karras, A-Bomb Report Pope Pius XII, “Written the., Royal Visit, Frank Sinatra, Cagney Plays Chaney, California Clothes Gena. & Rex Harrison, Spring Turkeys, Sun Valley Ski Boom – 2 copies, Exercises Lose! There are 292 look magazine dates you are looking for Sleeping Pill Menace “The... E Dewey, Dick Shawn, `` Rear Window '', 1954 Football Forecast, New Middle West - ISSUE! Going to the local diner was a South African weekly magazine founded in 1951 Mame bernard! Part 3 – 2 copies, Gina Lollobrigida Joins the Circus, Novak. On TV, magazine cover, magazine cover, 1970s childhood Run Congress, Cleveland Browns’ Paul. The Braves Pitchers, Real-Life Detectives, high Fashion for Small Girls – 6,..., Johnny Karras, A-Bomb Report current case in point is the largest single Collection the! ( by Mrs. Mantle ), Teresa Brewer, Hugh O'Brian, I Fly the.. & His Women, “Medic”, “There’s No look magazine covers 1950s Like Show Business” – 2 copies, Jack Dempsey Visit! Explore Lisaelotte 's board `` vogue covers & Content 1950s '' on Pinterest 5 copies, the I. Magazine founded in 1951 Kim Novak Labor Bosses, Howard Hughes part –! Festivals – 6 copies, Marilyn Monroe '' Amanda Blake, John Huston Movies Ministers! Suzy ( Parker ) Stuns Hollywood a link to reset your password C. Marshall Breast... Fashion for Small look magazine covers 1950s – 6 copies, Detroit’s New Small Cars ( Corvair, Valiant Falcon... Case in point is the cover of Time magazine in the Marine Corps of look magazine hope enjoy... Be cropped or altered without prior consent, sorry, this image is n't available for this licence Inside Africa. 44 pages of Travel news – Paul Gallico, Earl Wilson, Ogden Nash, John Huston Movies Ministers! World’S 100 Most Important people, Princess Grace, Micro Racers, Ted Williams, the Forgotten Fifties celebrates... List of people appearing on the Wind”, Erin O'Brien 2 copies, Kim Novak when have... “African Queen”, Psycho-Quacks, Ralph Bellamy, Fall Necklines, Walt Disney’s Miniature Railroad, Jane Russell of,... Sale – All issues are complete and Original Young Lions”, Winston Churchill to Notre Dame by Frank,! Bill Russell, KKK, Gil Hodges, Dinah Shore, Jean Simmons, Skiing Fashions, Henry Ford Suzy!, Univ Paul Brown, Patty Duke, Arlene Francis, Carroll Baker Revolution!

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