In the grounds you can visit and get stuck in at our traditional craft workshops where the hotel’s artwork, pottery, furnishings and paper are made, sip local vintage in our wine cave or relax by the pool. Cross the bridge into the sanctuary of our spa island, stilt treatment rooms and yoga and meditation facilities. Out front our great hall covers a shop for lake crafts, our low slung, high-class bar and fine dining on breezy wooden decks overlooking the lake and sunset.


In our daily life, Shan people have long practiced ways of healing the body, mind and soul through spirituality and traditional remedies. Here meditation, ritual and cleansing ceremonies have accompanied traditional medicine and healing in the region for generations.

These rich traditions inspired us to create our exclusive and signature spa treatments and plant-derived products – thanaka for the skin, coconut oil for hair and exfoliating kimpun scrubs.

Cross teak bridge at the northern end of our grounds into the calm sanctuary of the spa island. Around our reception pavilion traditional stilt treatment rooms rise out of lilied waters, the yoga deck looks out the Blue Mountains with a meditation zayatt.

Inside are treatment centres from sauna, steam or hydrotherapy, twin massage tables, fires for the cold months and large verandas for manicure and pedicure or relaxing with home-blended teas afterwards. Our sauna and steam room are housed separately.

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Spa is open between 9am and 10pm, appointments are recommended.


Start the day with some lengths and lay back with your book by our new swimming pool.


We have shaped Inle Princess to reflect elements of our own village life, and that includes their famed artisan workshops. We do our own pottery, carvings, furniture, basket weaving, lacquerware and even paper-making at the hotel and this area is the creative hub.

Guests of all ages enjoy visiting and learning about these passed down Inle and Shan traditions as our artisans about their daily work, then have a go for yourself and bring home your own craft products.


At the centre of Inle Princess and home to our restaurant, bar and lakeside terraces, the great hall roof also houses our craft shop, selling Home-made crafts, teas, paper and the hotels own products, handicrafts from Myanmar certified fair-trade shops, postcards and books are available in our on site shop, as well as our pick of artisan creations from the region.


With almost 20 years of growth our diverse and local tropical garden contain a diverse range of local and south-east Asian horticulture. Also on site is our large organic vegetable garden, which supplies the restaurant and helps feed our staff, and a nursery for the garden.


We have two pedigree Burmese cats on site, Speedy and Sasha, adopted from our sister foundation, Inle Heritage. They are very friendly indeed and always happy to have their heads scratched.