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In this poem by the master of contemporary comic verse, Wendy Cope laments the fact that ‘Bloody men are like bloody buses’ because, as with the old piece of wisdom about waiting for a bus, you wait ages for a man to come along and then two or three others arrive at the same time. And there are so many experts to choose from. We are not now that strength which in old days So concludes this poem, which was first published in Kipling’s volume of short stories and poems, Rewards and Fairies, in 1910, it has become one of Kipling’s best-known poems, and was even voted the UK’s favourite poem of all time in a poll of 1995. I hold you in my heartand have you on my mind. You open up. Have you chosen one to share with your husband today? It pairs rather well with Kipling’s poem :). You’re strong and tough, Sometimes a little rough. Lord Randall 'O where ha you been, Lord Randall, my son? There’s chaps from the town and the field and the till and the cart, Nick Jonas Look At You How To Look Better Gorgeous Men Beautiful People Hello Beautiful Pretty Men My Starbucks Look Man. SALE. Handsome Man Edward Kofi Louis 43. And the memories. Most Popular. Push off, and sitting well in order smite 15. Handsome Man (Beau Mec) Hello, did you miss me Salut, je vous ai manqué ? I shall remain here waiting,even if for eternity.– Diana J. Briones, My life, My body is now shared,But, it seems so fair,As marriage made us pair,Even though I dont always tell you,I Love You,Glad am married to you,At times we are rough,At times we are soft,But, you always have a big heart,That makes our love grow stronger,I am lucky to be part of your life,I am honoured to be your wife,You shared my good times,And at bad times stood like a rock,I dream about our sweet yesterdays,And our beautiful tommorow.Never thought I could be loved so much,But, you made me feel,Year after year.Everyday, Now I pray,For the every new life,I remain your wife.Anju Addanki, Our love grows every day we are togetherI hope our love last foreverI’m happy to say my dreams came trueBecause I’m blessed to be loved by youI hate when we fuss and fightBecause in the end neither was rightYou’re the love of my life, you’re my best friendAnd I never want this love to endI hope to be always togetherI vow to love now and forever– Stephanie, Remember the walksRemember the talksThe promises we madeThe choices we came to makeTo have you in my life was no mistakeFor every tear that fallsBe it as it mayI know I love you and we will be together forever someday– Kimberly, 61 Cute Love Quotes To Spice Up Your Relationship, 99 Of The Best Ways To Show Your Love To Your Husband, 115 Of The Best Love Messages For Your Wife, I know what it feels like to wait on a breakthrough,Meanwhile trusting God to see us through!I know what it feels like to hold your handOn bended knees, seeking the Father’s plan.I know what it feels like to cry all night longJust to be reminded by you in the morning lightThat Jesus is our new song…I know what it feels like to almost lose hope,But having you in my life strengthens my rope…Thank you for being a compassionate guide,Assisting in my footstepsAnd believing in what God has provided.You are more than a friend, husband, or lover.You are my protector, my provider.You are my cover!Because of you,I know what it feels like to be loved.– Wanda J. Mobley, As I think on the things that I so admire about you,I admire:Your undoubted love for God,Your ability to learn,How quickly you can change a negative attribute in yourself into a positive,The right choices you make consistently and swiftlyWithout a fleeting thought of the wrong choices as options,How you are so tenderly moved by the suffering of another,How your sympathy changes into empathy and you become the fulfiller,The great teacher and the coach that you have been to myself and to others,The humility that quietly adorns you when attacked unjustlyOr when you have been misunderstood,How you show the way by example to our children and grandchildrenWith patience, kindness, and love,And most of all, your unwavering love for me,And so much more.”– Lena Mary Fuller, Strumming melodies, again and againMellow rhythm overcomes confusionAnd solidifies my heart on solid ground, Familiar tones of the old guitarComing from a nearby armchairHome is where he isAnd he is always with me, Vibrations echo in my chestGuiding my heart beatWith every flick of his fingers– Mary Helen McNally, Just wish I could find the wordsThat would make the meaning clearAbout why I just love you soAnd why I want you here, Why I need you here with meSo I can shower you with loveWhy it is so clear to seeYou are an angel from above, An angel sent from heavens highTo bring the lord’s own prayerThat you and I on blue skies flyShare a love that is true and rare, A love that is so truly pureThat it completely fills my heartA love that will forever endureAnd that we shall never part, A love that will last you seeUntil the end of timeA love which joins us – you and meAnd forever will our hearts entwine.– Nigel P. Stringfellow, A million stars up in the sky.One shines brighter – I can't deny.A love so precious, a love so true,a love that comes from me to you.The angels sing when you are near.Within your arms I have nothing to fear.You always know just what to say.Just talking to you makes my day.I love you, honey, with all of my heart.Together forever and never to part.– Mrs. Creeves. Searching for the right words to tell your husband how you feel about him? O I fear ye are poisoned, my handsome young man!" Handsome Gajanan Mishra 48. I am the captain of my soul …. It takes two halves to make a whole,My heart and yours, we make one soul.– Rahik Thamir. To love is to help and encouragewith smiles and sincere words of praise,to take time to share,to listen and carein tender, affectionate ways. Handsome Boy Edward Kofi Louis 44. The smell of you so sweet, So different, so perfect and calming. More by this author Follow INnaturegirl . No man’s too man to hear things. But how have poets tended to approach manhood, masculinity, and what it’s like to be a man? Poem Quotes Writing Quotes Bible Verses Quotes Quotes For Him Words Quotes Sayings Poems You Are Handsome My Handsome Man. Add to Wishlist. An wha met you there, my handsome young man?' Like the sun. Looms but the Horror of the shade, Contact. I think it’s likely to stay like that, it’s timeless. See more ideas about Prince crown, Handsome prince, My prince charming. It makes me happy just being by your side. All organ. Learned how to mix and mould the clay search. did his eye always twitch like that? Thanks for the lovely comment :). Lovely Parrots Fly She walked to his table and asked him if she could set down. D. H. Lawrence - 1885-1930. Like my heart My handsome man. But the stirring closing words are often quoted for their optimism and sense of camaraderie, as Ulysses spurs his fellow men to join him in one last adventure. I know I'm hard to resist Je sais qu'il est dur de me résister ! Always hiding behind a mask of pity me, I've been wronged, pity me life is so hard. If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Of all the western stars, until I die. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son! No by negar shahnouri. That you are my man, I worship and love you, I’m your greatest fan. we made our first cake when we were 7! Waterworks started to come and a beautiful lady came out of nowhere. And many the handsome of face and the handsome of heart, Whether you’re looking for poems of encouragement for yourself or poems about life to celebrate someone you love, you’ll find a wonderful collection of inspirational messages below. Add this video to one of my favorites list: Report this video: Copy page link. Thanks, for your love, You are a gift from up above. And few that will carry their looks or their truth to the grave …. The lads in their hundreds to Ludlow come in for the fair, I dearly love you. And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son! And the last time you tried to sing to him, well . Quietly solve it, not try and control it, But fix it so subtle that no one will notice. by Danny Shaw Handsome Nell was the first song written by Robert Burns, often treated as a poem, that was first published in the last volume of James Johnson's Scots Musical Museum in 1803 (No.551) with an untitled tune. 16. Love Tattoo Imelda May. Did life really make you this selfish and mean? The author of this article, Dr Oliver Tearle, is a literary critic and lecturer in English at Loughborough University. In the darkness of the night, there is only me and you,We are woven together in our very own cocoon. 1. What became of your bloodhounds, my handsome young man?" Which of these love poems for him did you enjoy the most? To love is to make special memoriesof moments you love to recall,of all the good thingsthat sharing life brings.Love is the greatest of all. NS. For the two children, we have together And the love for God in each other. Let me come along for the ride and I will watch you spread your wings and fly. And you standing with me, never shall I be afraid.My inner core you’ve touched, my sanity you’ve saved.But if you feel you can’t be strong in all my times of need,You’ve given me strength, somehow I’ll take the lead. We will make. The Man was well dressed from head to foot, with velvet turban, silver embroidered vest, silk shirt, satin baggy-trousers and golden scimitar (short curved sword). You’re shining at me. Our Handsome Terrorist Brother … A pleasure! You’ve made me so happy, I’m giddy with delight, Stay with me forever, And I’ll hold you so tight. Think of your husband’s daily routine and ask yourself what would be the best time to surprise him with a love poem. my lovely cousin, we have grown up together we used to talk about everything, dolls, our secrets or weather! Who Is My Best Friend? And where ha you been, my handsome young man?' No products in the cart. Those three words are still important. You are my lover and my friend,you are my everything. my lovely cousin, we have grown up together we used to talk about everything, dolls, our secrets or weather! You are my soul-mate and my friend, always unto the end. . She wanted to dry my tears … Saying “I love you” is easy enough, but it doesn’t celebrate all the things you love about him. but notice the handsome man drinking coffee by himself. One equal temper of heroic hearts, Let it stay, Dec 19, 2018 - Explore ishvar's board "Handsome man", followed by 234 people on Pinterest. Have a super day so new! When My Handsome Friend Writes RIC BASTASA 45. If all men count with you, but none too much; Keep me close night by night Make this love, make it right. Be all that you are, all woman all soft. To love is to have someone special,one on whom you can always dependto be there through the years,sharing laughter and tears,as a partner, a lover, a friend. William Ernest Henley, ‘Invictus’ — actually I have this up in my cubicle/collage at work so I can see/read it on the phone. No Poem By negar shahnouri. 97 Pins • 234 followers. "O I fear ye are poisoned, Lord Randall my son! The husband I’d choose again and again. Let it stay, / Well corked and stored upon your shelves, / Until you need it for yourselves…’. A Shropshire Lad is shot through with an admiration for a stout and stoic masculinity, and Housman admires the men not least because he romanticises the idea that many of them, through death (whether war or suicide), will die in their prime rather than live to grow old and weak. My handsome man My handsome man, On your special day today, Many things I want to say, To start with you have a special role in my life, And, I feel so blessed to be your wife, Happy birthday to you! And where ha you been, my handsome young man?” “I ha been at the greenwood; mother, mak my bed soon, For I’m wearied wi hunting, and fain wad lie down.” “An wha° met ye there, Lord Randal, my son? Make his heart never sore. I don’t think you willEver fully understandHow you touched my lifeAnd made me who I am.You are the keeper of my dreams,The man who holds my heart,The one I want to spend my life with,The one with whom I will always stand.Stand beside through thick and thinThrough all that life throws our wayKnowing that this special love we shareWill guide us each and every day.I don’t think you could ever feelAll the love I have to give,And I’m sure you never realizeYou’ve been my will to live.— Stephanie Schiavone, My love for you is like the raging sea,So powerful and deep it will forever be.Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,It will withstand every pain.Our hearts are so pure and love so sweet.I love you more with every heartbeat!— Elaine Chetty. I pray a man my soul to keep. In this poem, Angelou (1928-2014) recalls watching men go past her house when she was a little girl, and how, aged fifteen, girls are ‘starving for’ men as they reach puberty and want to know what it’s like to be with a man. I would let him know every day That I love him more than words can say. Christinala428; gaysex; gayporn; gay-interracial; gay-sex; gay-3some; gay-threesome; gay-uniform; gay-cop; gay-police + 10,879 views 11k 3 0. u can remember it right? Wasn’t part of my plan. I’ll wait for you; however long,my love for you is blind. I am the master of my fate, Jonas makes a style … Sep 8, 2020 - Explore Shyma Akbar's board "My Fazza " on Pinterest. Star Tracks: Tuesday, May 1, 2012. And many to count are the stalwart, and many the brave, I have no beautiful gown to wear but an ugly servant outfit. The Secret Library: A Book-Lovers’ Journey Through Curiosities of History, The Great War, The Waste Land and the Modernist Long Poem. I start to drift off to sleep,And think of how I turned complete. Lips sweeter then wine I knew I loved you. A certain masculine stoicism looms large in Kipling’s poem – that is, the acknowledgement that, whilst you cannot always prevent bad things from happening to you, you can deal with them in a good way. Poems. Now I am all One bowl of kisses, Such as the tall Slim votaresses Of Egypt filled For a God’s excesses. May your resourcefulness and devotion bless you both today. Cool Gifts. ‘If-‘ remains a very stirring poem. How charged with punishments the scroll, Although born on the US, Eliot was living in Britain by 1925, and ‘The Hollow Men’, on one level, describes a people in stasis and limbo, men (and it is specifically men) who have lost their way. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield …. Comments 1; Download; Add to my favorites; Report; Embed / Share; Watch later. Handsome man what have you become? This poem offers a different take on men yet again. "O they swelled and they died: mother, make my bed soon, for I'm weary wi' hunting, and fain wald lie down." Sep 27, 2020 - Explore India Gibson's board "My Handsome Man" on Pinterest. This poem offers another perspective on men: how young women feel vulnerable when they view older men and how their first sexual encounter has a real impact on their lives, and their attitudes to men. It’s great to hear ‘Invictus’ still resonates with people today! My heart yearned to go there but sadly I couldn't. We do appreciate God’s thought You waste your pity. More on Genius "Big Bad Handsome Man" Track Info. He learned His trade in making men; A Handsome Man? I am ready to forsakethis worldly lifeand surrenderto the magnificenceof your Being, The apple of my eyeThe gem of my heartNothing in the worldCan ever keep us apartThe feather in my capThe reason for my heartbeatMy dear husbandYou make my life completeI love you.– Anonymous. Copy. Imelda May With his rugged good looks yeah he's got me hooked / Got me where he wants me to be / With his arms so wide, he pulls me in by his side / He's the kind of guy that does it for me. You’ll probably brainstorm more ideas. All these feelings I just can’t hide. If – they just gives me goosebumps. My Handsome Man. So handsome. Thanks, for receiving my love, for letting me shower you with the things I think of, for my gifts that you inspire; you are my heart’s desire, you ignite me like fire. A man my soul to keep Now I lay me down to sleep I pray a man my soul to keep. There’s men from the barn and the forge and the mill and the fold, If not for you, I wouldn’t knowWhat true love really meant.I’d never feel this inner peace;I couldn’t be content. Or make you cry I will stay by your side Poems. Good morning, babe. Here are ten of the very best poems about men, manliness, masculinity, and related themes. I … "Why thank you, and sure you can hold my hand all you want too." Roses are red, Violets are…I guess I should leave the love poems to the experts. All soft. Resorting to type. My gorgeous handsome soldier I love you with all my heart And the hardest thing I've ever done Is have to accept we had to part But our love is so much stronger Than any force I've ever known In the short time we've been together It's amazing how much it's grown So until we are reunited Please stay safe and strong My heart is yours forever With you is where it belongs His art was crude, 11. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. From my heart. Us into life. we made our first cake when we were 7! 29 Sure Signs You Could Marry Him, 7 Ways To Bring Your Relationship Back to Normal After Cheating, 67 Most Inspirational Positive Energy Quotes Of All Time, 25 Mindfulness Journal Prompts For Present Moment Awareness, 77 Existential Questions To Blow Your Mind, Helpful Communication Exercises For Couples, Write a note with a favorite poem and slip it into his hand as he’s leaving for. He said, "why sure, have a seat." Now I lay me down to sleep. If not for you, I’d never haveThe pleasures of romance.I’d miss the bliss, the craziness,Of love’s sweet, silly dance. Interesting Literature is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to If not for you, I’d be adrift;I don’t know what I’d do;I’d be searching for my other half,Incomplete, if not for you. find poems find poets poem-a -day library (texts, books & more) materials for teachers poetry near you Mystery. But oh, so virile in its rude, Large elemental strength: and then Sign up. I will love him as a faithful wife should And do everything for him, I could. Cause he's my big, bad, handsome man / He's got me in the palm of his hand / He's the Devil Divine, I'm so glad that he's mine / Cause he's my big, bad, handsome man. I also love “If” by Kipling. August 17, 2010. It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles, All man. My handsome man. It’s refreshing to see this. The poem introduced a couple of famous phrases into the language: ‘bloody, but unbowed’, and the final two lines: ‘I am the master of my fate: / I am the captain of my soul.’ Like Kipling’s poem below, ‘Invictus’ offers a vision of masculine determination which has proved popular for over a century since the poem was first published. See more ideas about handsome, handsome men, sexy men. Johnny Got a … Cause he’s my big bad I’m so glad that he’s my handsome man, hmmm. You are my king and my friend, always unto the end. Shop. Did you ever think twice about the people you are asking so much … So concludes this poem, which was first published in Kipling’s volume of short stories and poems, Rewards and Fairies, in 1910, it has become one of Kipling’s best-known poems, and was even voted the UK’s favourite poem of all time in a poll of 1995. It may be that the gulfs will wash us down: Cart. Beautiful Women Quotes Beautiful Tattoos For Women Strong Women Quotes Beautiful Black Women Handsome Men … Loving you has no end and no beginningLoving you is everythingIt is infinite in timeAnd limitless in magnitudeBeyond even my own comprehensionYour love brings me homeEnfolds me and warms meIn its eternal embraceEndless and palpableBeyond all life’s stormsA connection like no otherTwenty years longBut timeless in our heartsDeep and trueTill’ death us do part.– Susan Louglin, When you were my friendYou were amazingWhen you were my boyfriendYou were outstandingWhen you were my fiancéYou were commendableAs my husband nowYou are incredibleYou have been the perfect loverAt every juncture of lifeOf such a loving husbandI am proud of a wifeI love you– Jetem Westbrook. Thanks, Simon! To very attractive deals… Get Deals. - He is Fehmi Pasha's servant, answered restaurant keeper. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Find and share the perfect poems. To My Handsome Man . Add to cart. The curve of your bottom lip, The contrast of red on your perfect white teeth, Under that tilted half smile. 90% Off. Having returned from the Trojan war, Ulysses yearns to don his armour again and ride off in search of battle, glory, and adventure. When these handsome people were hunting . Learn how your comment data is processed. Handsome Asif Andalib 47. With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, The lads for the girls and the lads for the liquor are there, When we are old and these rejoicing veinsAre frosty channels to a muted stream,And out of all our burning their remainsNo feeblest spark to fire us, even in dream,This be our solace: that it was not saidWhen we were young and warm and in our prime,Upon our couch we lay as lie the dead,Sleeping away the unreturning time.O sweet, O heavy-lidded, O my love,When morning strikes her spear upon the land,And we must rise and arm us and reproveThe insolent daylight with a steady hand,Be not discountenanced if the knowing knowWe rose from rapture but an hour ago. A Handsome Man? In this poem, from his 1896 collection A Shropshire Lad, Housman offers an idyllic view of a world now largely vanished: young men arriving in the Shropshire town of Ludlow from the surrounding villages and farms, some of whom, Housman ominously notes, ‘will never be old’ because they will ‘die in their glory’. And see the great Achilles, whom we knew. Parker (1893-1967) is known for her witty one-liners, but she was also a poet who penned memorable verse, as here, in her poem ‘Men’, which sees Parker lamenting the fact that once men have ‘won’ the girl, they want to change women and ‘educate’ them…. Lord Randall. He’s the one I cherish and love, A blessing sent from Heaven above. They just don’t pack the same punch. But I have no regrets, I’m proud to call you my man. Your eyes are like diamonds. After all these years, You still shine so brightly. Good thing you can share any of the following love poems for your husband without breaking into song. It matters not how strait the gate, To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths I can see why it was noted the UK’s favourite poem. Spanning the past two thousand years, the poems on this list represent some of the best works of poetry ever composed. Poems for Further Reading 419 Anonymous (traditional Scottish ballad) Lord Randall “O where ha you been, Lord Randal, my son? Your beautiful inside. The Handsome Death Roams Around Bards' B.. Our Handsome Terrorist Brother Who's In .. You’re so truly beautiful. u can remember it right? Add to Wishlist. Truly you are my everything. You are still my dream come through, You are my answered prayer, Until you need it for yourselves. Never gave anything but grief in return to the people that wanted to see that handsome man they knew was inside. To help remedy this, we have compiled a list of 20 classic poems that every man should read. He noticed a long, handsome swashbuckler (bully man) behind crowd. Handsome man Collection by Ishvar. SALE. If you can fill the unforgiving minute A Book? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! we teased boys & scared Mina by full moon and vampires and she never understood we r two little liars! He is the author of, among others, The Secret Library: A Book-Lovers’ Journey Through Curiosities of History and The Great War, The Waste Land and the Modernist Long Poem. When you make love to me, everything seems right,You seem to take my hand and guide me through the night.You reach to take my fears and throw them to the past,You penetrate my soul in hopes to make it last. ‘Invictus’ was partly inspired by Henley’s own struggles as an invalid (he lost a leg when young) and his determination to remain ‘bloody but unbowed’. The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds Author: Patsy Gaut . ’Tis not too late to seek a newer world. My Handsome Man. The Handsome Death Roams Around Bards' B.. nimal dunuhinga 46. No woman’s too woman to take it all in. Written when Tennyson was a young man in his early twenties, ‘Ulysses’ is a dramatic monologue spoken by the ageing warrior Ulysses (the Roman name for Odysseus). And yet the menace of the years Your smile so sweet. Thanks for refreshing my soul with that bouquet of breathtaking poems. Now I lay me down to sleep. She then told him, "I think you’re very handsome, and, can I hold your hand?" But unusually in Nash’s oeuvre, ‘Old Men’ is poignant and moving, stating that people expect old men to die and so do not mourn them, but ‘the old man knows when an old man dies’. I've learned the full meaningof sharing and caringand having my dreams all come true;I've learned the full meaningof being in loveby being and loving with you.– Krina Shah. It's where your interests connect you with your people. If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, He said, It gives me a thrill Your handsome. Your the one for me. Clint Eastwood’s 2009 film about the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa is named Invictus after this poem, and for good reason: Nelson Mandela recited the poem to his fellow prisoners while he was incarcerated on Robben Island. She started rubbing his hand in a romantic way. I feel your heartbeat against my chest,I hold you tight as we both rest. The rough surface of your hands, And how perfectly mine fits. Published in 1925, ‘The Hollow Men’ captures a different mid-1920s mood from the one we get from The Great Gatsby and other works written across the Atlantic, during the ‘Jazz Age’. And fashion in a finer way …, Wilcox (1850-1919) has often been ridiculed for her bad verse, but she was capable of writing poems that rose above the level of ‘doggerel’, and in ‘To Men’ she makes the argument, in plain speech, that men should not pity women, because the sexes should view each other as equals: ‘Sirs, when you pity us, I say / You waste your pity. All bone. When you come to me, unbidden,Beckoning meTo long-ago rooms,Where memories lie. See more ideas about Love quotes, Relationship quotes, Me quotes. In forming you, before He brought But don’t worry—they were selected for both their brevity and ease of application. Offering me, as to a child, an attic,Gatherings of days too few.Baubles of stolen kisses.Trinkets of borrowed loves.Trunks of secret words. And out When I think of you. Male police officer in poem movie and gay man 5 min 720p. Perhaps partly a response to the First World War and the various accounts of PTSD/shell-shock that followed it, as well as Eliot’s own recent nervous breakdown, ‘The Hollow Men’ is a poem about masculinity in crisis. 'An wha met ye there, Lord Randall, my son? 'I ha been at the greenwood; mother, mak my bed soon, For I'm wearied wi hunting, and fain wad lie down. Quick View. our grandma ate it, we thought she will die of cancer tht night! May he love me forever more. The days are cold, the nights are long,but my love for you stays strong. I am only complete when you are near,To lose you someday is my biggest fear. I won't leave. The Most Handsome Products at very attractive Prices; Search for: $ 0.00. Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are; Well corked and stored upon your shelves, And there with the rest are the lads that will never be old. Have a non-frustrating morning. All flesh. But your tenderness with me Is more than enough. That first experience changes everything. "O … ‘If’ you do so – then, Kipling says addressing his implied male reader, ‘you’ll be a man, my son!’ (Or, as Alan Partridge paraphrased it, ‘If you do X, Y, and Z – Bob’s your uncle’.). I have something special To give to you today. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Or how have female poets written about men? By INnaturegirl GOLD, New Albany, Indiana. Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will our grandma ate it, we thought she will die of cancer tht night! To love is to share life together,to build special plans just for two,to work side by side,and then smile with pride,as one by one, dreams all come true. 10. But you’re still the most handsome man ever, And you steal my breath away all the time. Like Parker, Ogden Nash is known for his short and pithy poems, and ‘Old Men’ offers a very different attitude to the ageing man from the view we got in Tennyson’s ‘Ulysses’. Make this love last long. Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’ The most handsome man lying next to me. Write a poem somewhere he’ll see it when he wakes up in the morning. Some people admire the poem for its message of hope and triumph, seeking to ‘sail beyond the sunset’ and make the most of one’s days on Earth, while some see Ulysses as a slightly pathetic figure who is unable to accept he’s not as young as he was. Finds and shall find me unafraid. I have to feel your tender touch;I have to hear your voice;No other one could take your place;You’re it; I have no choice. . So, to express my love In a different way. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All your life you've done nothing but take, take, take. Hodja pointed the man and asked restaurant keeper, - Who is that man over there! Sirs, when you pity us, I say As I looked out my window,I could see the ball. Never understanding, accepting what time may giveWe’ll learn and grow together,Cherishing each moment that we live.– Dina Johnson, Every morning I wake up and seeThe most handsome man lying next to me.He’s the one I cherish and love,A blessing sent from Heaven above.I will love him as a faithful wife shouldAnd do everything for him, I could.I would let him know every dayThat I love him more than words can say.For the two children, we have togetherAnd the love for God in each other.It will keep our love for each other strong,And the Lord will guide us away from all wrong.– Jessica L. Newsome, If ever two were one, then surely we.If ever man were lov’d by wife, then thee.If ever wife was happy in a man,Compare with me, ye women, if you can.I prize thy love more than whole Mines of goldOr all the riches that the East doth hold.My love is such that Rivers cannot quench,Nor ought but love from thee give recompetence.Thy love is such I can no way repay.The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray.Then while we live, in love let’s so persevereThat when we live no more, we may live ever.– Anne Bradstreet.

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