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Deepen your understanding of global and cultural engagement and learn how the unique traditions, culture, and arts of Asia have influenced the world. Broaden your educational experience by pursuing an agricultural studies minor to gain a broad overview of agricultural and environmental sciences.When combined with any major offered at Truman, an agricultural studies minor enhances your preparation for a wide range of careers or further study in graduate or professional schools. As a health science major who plans to pursue a career in occupational therapy/athletic training, you blend academic pursuit and human connection into the kind of action that helps individuals live independent and satisfying lives. You can use your passion for sound judgment to make a difference in the world by pursuing a career in law. Those students for whom this minor is appropriate include those interested in museums of all sorts, from art to history, from national parks to zoos and botanical gardens, to […]. When you enter our Master of Arts in Education program, you choose the area of specialization that matches your professional goal. Pursue one of six different studio emphases: ceramics, fibers, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. In our Career Bridge program, students prepare to earn their high school equivalency degree … In combination with an undergraduate degree in accounting, our program satisfies the requirements to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. The minor in justice systems complements any major offered at Truman. Truman College is located at 1145 W Wilson Avenue. Study the latest theories of computation and design from within the practical problem-solving framework of programming applications. At Truman, you’ll find a cooperative spirit as you work on group projects, form study groups, and collaborate with professors who care enough to learn your name. We also offer a graduate Master of Arts in Music — and if you want to teach, consider our Master of Arts in Education (MAE) program. A philosophy and religion minor complements any degree offered at  Truman. See what it costs to enroll at City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S Truman College and how many students are receiving scholarships, grants, or loans as financial aid to help cover the costs of tuition. By studying various aspects of ancient Greek and Roman languages and cultures, you develop a sense of how the ancients responded to the universal questions of the human experience. Very large city (over 500,000) Forge your own path and specialty by choosing from nearly 100 diverse courses — from Beowulf to gender theory, film studies to Russian drama, linguistics to children’s literature. 1145 West Wilson Ave Chicago IL 60640 (773) 907-4000 Dial 711 for the Telecommunications Relay Service. Political Science and International Relations Minor. Emphasis areas in composition/theory and performance in choral and vocal, clarinet, double reeds, flute, horn, jazz, low brass, percussion, and piano. You can make a meaningful difference in the world when you pursue the science of learning from data. You’ll develop your French proficiency and gain in-depth knowledge of French civilization and French and francophone literature. We are the only public university in Missouri offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. When you pursue a teaching career, you begin an incredible journey — one that will have a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Truman prepares teachers for initial certification through a graduate program, the Masters of Arts in Education (MAE). Air Conditioning - Commercial Refrigeration, Basic … Develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions you need to become a reflective practitioner in the art and science of counseling. Advanced Massage Therapy, Advanced Certificate. *General information for this school has been gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) database, a service provided by the U.S. Department of Education. Degrees, certificates and diplomas for each major are designated by the following letters: 1145 W Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL 60640-6063. Whatever you are studying now, chances are good that the Greeks had something to say about it two millennia ago! This interdisciplinary field gives you an opportunity to gain the knowledge necessary for a comprehensive understanding of how chemical processes and molecular mechanisms impact biological systems. Our classes teach you how to manage people, time, money, and resources efficiently and effectively. Truman’s Master of Accountancy program prepares you for a successful future as a professional accountant in a fast-changing business environment. Graduate from Truman with High Distinction. Whether you’re interested in law enforcement, archaeology, history, biology, geology, or astronomy, learning to scientifically analyze data will boost your skill set no matter what career you plan to pursue. The political communication minor prepares you to enter the world of political campaigns and political consulting. With Truman’s Physics/Engineering Dual Degree program, you can receive a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Truman and a Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering from an engineering school in typically five […]. As a nursing major at Truman, you learn how to provide safe, effective nursing care to patients of all ages in a variety of health-care […], There is no major more practical and marketable than Philosophy and Religion. Urban setting Astronomy is one of the oldest natural sciences that is devoted to the study of celestial objects such as moons, planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. No matter what major you are pursuing at Truman, you can increase the multicultural dimension of your degree with a minor in anthropology. For more information on the Phlebotomy program, call (312) 850-7375. You pursue the wondrous complexities of the past while acquiring the skills and insight necessary to prepare for an exciting and fulfilling future. If you are considering a career in risk assessment for insurance, business and other industries, you can pursue an actuarial science minor to prepare for the first two actuarial exams, which serve as the gateway into the profession. Explore key City Colleges of Chicago: Harry S. Truman College information including application requirements, popular majors, tuition, SAT scores, AP credit policies, and more. * Based on programs that produced 2018-2019 graduates. © 2004-2020 All Rights Reserved. Find out how many students apply and how many are accepted. Air Conditioning - Commercial Refrigeration, Basic … Then the dual degree may be right for you. Addictions Studies, Associate in Applied Science. Harry S. Truman College is a institution with a campus in Chicago, Illinois. When you pursue a statistics minor, you’ll work with students from across the university, exploring the use of data to learn about our world and make decisions in the face of uncertainty. Career Bridge Program; Locations; ... Harry S Truman. Harry S Truman. ONLINE HELP. Whether you are an art, music, history or science major, a background in business administration can make the difference in landing that all-important first job. Data Science Graduate Certificate. Success Stories by Colleges. Many of Truman’s best courses are also available to you online – particularly during our summer and interim sessions. Music with concentration in: Liberal Arts. As an exercise science major, you study human movement, enhance your critical thinking and research skills, and acquire specific skills in preparation for professional certification. Transfer. Today’s business world requires a sophisticated skill set. Advanced Social Services - Addictions Studies, Advanced Certificate. ... 773-COLLEGE. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to programming as well, which is a useful skill across a variety of professional fields. As a music major at Truman, you will study privately with well-known artists/teachers and perfect your performance skills in instrumental and choral ensembles with national reputations for excellence. When you pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science, you can select Applied/Pre-Athletic Training as your concentration. Harry S Truman College offers many associate degree programs for students seeking direct entry into a career and those seeking to transfer to a school offering a bachelor's degree. Facebook Twitter. STEM Talent Expansion Programs Office We are committed to supporting students at Truman State University who are interested in pursuing a degree in Science or Mathematics. Contact Us Whether you plan to pursue a career in production agriculture, business, lending, consulting, or running your own business, having a broad understanding of marketing techniques, livestock and grain commodities, financing, and the economics of agriculture adds value to your knowledge base. Other Programs. This program is designed to provide students with the basic language skills necessary for working in a variety of contexts in which proficiency in French is required. View 1 photos for 27990 Hwy 730, Umatilla, OR 97882 a 7 bed, 2 bath, 1,243 Sq. Truman is one of the few universities in the region offering an undergraduate degree in linguistics. Here you will receive a firm foundation in the biological sciences and gain the expertise, technical skills, and confidence to pursue a competitive future in the career of your choice. Curious about what makes people tick? As a psychology major at Truman, you get to explore behavior and mental processes through a combination of rigorous coursework and learning opportunities outside the classroom. About two-thirds of English words come from Latin, and many Latin expressions are still used in English today. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Advanced Social Services - Addictions Studies, Advanced Certificate. does not guarantee the accuracy of information on this page. Develop a better understanding of leadership by examining best practices and studying leadership theories, decision-making, research, ethics and organizational change. To understand any human cultural system—whether political, social, scientific, economic, or psychological—we need to learn to recognize and analyze the philosophical and religious beliefs and assumptions grounding that system. Our focus is on a sustainable agricultural system—including food production, processing and consumption. * Students taking at least 1 distance learning course. If you plan to become a pharmacist, you can begin the first step of your journey at Truman. Web/Multimedia Design C. *We do not guarantee the accuracy of information on this page. In addition to course work in biology, chemistry, and psychology, you should be sure to gain experience in medical-settings […], Working with our certification analyst, you can design an academic experience that fits your dreams and aspirations. Perhaps one of the most interdisciplinary fields offered at Truman, cognitive science lies at the crossroads of neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, psychology, anthropology and artificial intelligence. Conduct an in-depth study of the peoples of Africa and gain a deeper understanding of the origin and dynamic cultural mix that now constitutes the African Diaspora. Study the Spanish language at any level — elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Wilbur Wright. Computer/Information Sciences – General A The child studies minor at Truman gives students the opportunity to focus on the physical, psychological, cognitive, and social development of children; the creation and critique of art and media focused on and directed towards children; and the political debates and social policies that influence children in an interdisciplinary way. The Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Liberal Arts Concentration gives you the background you need for careers in music scholarship and library science. Whether your primary major is in theatre, vocal performance, exercise science, or another area, you can pursue a Musical Theatre minor to extend your degree. As a justice systems major at Truman, you discover how to navigate the components that make up the justice systems while learning the basics of criminal justice: law enforcement, criminal law and the courts, corrections, and criminology. Conduct experiments and find answers to the questions about the scientific world that have always intrigued you while you augment your knowledge and your credentials. Preparation for dental school is a challenging journey you can begin at Truman State University. Average tuition and fees for academic year: See the admission requirements for City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S Truman College. Please print it out. Students are prepared for success—be it in the Army or a civilian occupation. Contact the schools to verify any information before relying on it. Truman prepares teachers for initial certification through our Master of Arts in Education (MAE) graduate program (prior to entering our MAE program, students must complete a bachelor’s degree in a content field with a strong liberal arts background; Truman does not offer an undergraduate degree in education). Louis College of Optometry that provides Truman’s health and exercise science graduates with an automatic interview with priority interview scheduling pending favorable evaluation of required credentials during the admissions process. The institution is approved to offer nursing programs by the Illinois Board of Nursing. Linguistics is the study of human language as it is — not as we think it should be. Offered in the evenings, on weekends and in intensive workshop formats to attract students who want to earn industry certifications or take classes for personal enrichment or recreational purposes. When you pursue a women’s and gender studies minor, you’ll examine ideas, approaches, and activism related to gendered identities, in conjunction with sexual orientation, race, class, culture, and public policy across many disciplines. As a statistics major at Truman, you discover hidden patterns by analyzing information and creating models to capture insights that help solve complex problems. For information on the application and admissions process, visit the program webpage. Learn about the production, distribution, exhibition, history and theory of film by declaring the interdisciplinary film studies minor at Truman. Whether you’re preparing for vet school, want to master your competitive riding skills, or simply enjoy riding (or want to learn to ride), you can pursue an equine studies minor at Truman. Gain the experiences you need to pursue entry-level licensure or certification as a caring, committed, competent, and culturally aware professional. Literature, language, dance, history and fine arts all play a role in understanding folklore and its cultural impact. You should confirm all information with a college admissions officer. Learn how to ask thoughtful questions, make surprising connections, and communicate across perspectives. Preparation for chiropractic school is a challenging journey you can begin at Truman State University. View 1 photos for 28435 Southshore Dr, Umatilla, OR 97882 a 6 bed, 2 bath, 1,728 Sq. Our cognitive science minor is the interdisciplinary study of the mind and its processes — how and why we think the way we think. Foreign Language Teacher Preparation Minor. Studio art includes ceramics, fibers, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. The ultimate goals of this program are to prepare a community of exceptional students, scholars, teachers and creative writers engaged in a lifetime of writing and literature, and preparation for work at the doctoral […]. As a sociology/anthropology (SOAN) major at Truman, you’ll collaborate with your professors, participate in group projects, and conduct independent research, as you develop an understanding of human behavior and social situations, at levels ranging from the individual self to variability in cultural patterns within the natural and social environment. Enrich your knowledge and professional prospects by adding an international perspective to your studies. Studying Latin provides insight into the workings of many modern languages. ALL Truman students are eligible to participate in the Honors Scholar Program The programs that have a link will direct you to the program's profile page where you can learn more about education requirements and career pathways. Advanced Social Services - Addictions Studies, Associate in Applied Science. All information is subject to change. All physics and mathematics courses taken at Truman are guaranteed to transfer to the University of Missouri at Columbia and Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, and usually transfer to other engineering schools as well. The bachelor’s degree in chemistry is an American Chemical Society (ACS) accredited professional program. The displayed options may include sponsored or recommended results, not necessarily based on your preferences. See the degree programs that are offered at City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S Truman College. As a communication major at Truman, you will pursue the complexities that characterize communication  in an advanced, technical, and multicultural world — fast-paced and ever-changing. Out-of-district students wishing to pursue a program at City Colleges of Chicago that is not offered at their own district community college should see the Tuition Chargeback section. Experience a holistic approach to the study of food and fiber production and their association and interaction with societal concerns. Your computer science degree from Truman gives you the foundation you need in a competitive, fast-growing field of software development.

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