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All lead to a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree. With this, we will gain a better understanding of how marine mammals are able to dive for impressive durations of time to forage for food.‍How it All StartedRhea Storlund is a Ph.D. Student who is studying marine mammal cardiovascular physiology, diving ability, and conservation. Upvote those you want … padding: 0; The SEK versions of SOLIDWORKS are for edu… | We are a multi-disciplinary team of students from the Faculty of Applied Science (Engineering), Science, Sauder School of Business, Kinesiology, Arts and Medicine focused on developing context appropriate solutions to medical challenges worldwide. Geo-Environmental Engineering. These UBC researchers want to know: Q&A, Seismic guidelines underestimate impact of ‘The Big One’ on Metro Vancouver buildings, UBC engineering prof appointed to Order of Canada, Piyaruwan Perera, PhD '20, Civil Engineering, Quentin Golsteyn, BASc '20, Computer Engineering, Jayg Dimayacyac, BASc '20, Chemical Engineering. UBC’s environmental engineering degree program (ENVL) is one of the best undergraduate environmental engineering programs in Canada. vertical-align: middle; display: inline-block; UBC info and FAQs: UBC.ca | VP, Research + Innovation | UBC Office of Research Services (ORS) Transforming Tomorrow: New strategic plan UBC ranks 1st in Canada and 7th globally on impact Women in Engineering UBC hosts regular events for students, faculty and staff, UBC alumni and members of industry. This multi-faceted approach makes UBC engineers stand apart, on a firm foundation from which to build an exciting and rewarding career. [CDATA[/* >